Social Media Marketing

Social Media TreeSocial Media Marketing aims to gain attention and web traffic from creative content posted on social media sites. Twitter and Facebook are the main platforms for social media marketing, though niche platforms such as LinkedIn offer great possibilities in many situations. I provide affordable social media marketing services to individuals, businesses and non-profits.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about grabbing the attention of your supporters and customers. Pulling them into your website, interactions on social media, and producing content your followers value are all important aspects of inbound marketing strategy for social media. Social network marketing is largely based on the principles of inbound marketing — great content is what makes for great (and repeating) customers. I offer inbound marketing services to increase your social media popularity and web traffic.

Social Marketing

Social marketing in a unique marketing form used by nonprofits, governments and other socially oriented organizations. Marketing techniques are applied to achieve behavioral goals for a social good. Underage anti-drinking campaigns are a good example of social marketing many of us are familiar with. I have experience with social marketing campaigns in Health, LGBT and HIV Advocacy capacities.

Twitter Marketing

Marketing on Twitter is as much about who is following you as the content you are posting. You will need a well devised strategy to gain followers quickly, and a communications plan guiding the content you are sharing to your networks. I offer affordable social media marketing services for Twitter to ramp up your engagement.

Facebook Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing,  Facebook Marketing is uniquely directed at customers who are already paying attention to your brand — your Facebook Fans. We can understand the preferences of your Facebook fans by watching how they interact with our content, learn what they like, and post content they are most likely to interact with.

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Social Media Marketing Services

  • Copyediting 
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Promotions Strategy
  • Facebook Promotion Design and Implementation
  • Graphic Design
  • Facebook App Design and Implementation
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Online Campaign Promotion

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"Michael spearheaded a strong effort to utilize innovative technology as the tool to reach new heights of advocacy. His forward-thinking ideas were cutting edge and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to collaborating with him on future projects!"

Tyler Juel, Development Manager, Project Inform

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