Organizing with Local Chapters

Organizing with Local Chapters

January 1st, 2012 // 10:00 am @

When the American Humanist Association’s Executive Director needed outside help to encourage their 130+ local chapters engage in more LGBT rights activism locally and nationally, he came to me.

As a starting point for expanded LGBT initiatives, I created and implemented a social media strategy to expand the AHA’s LGBT Facebook presence, growing the LGBT Humanist Council Facebook page to 1600 followers.

On the local level, I worked individually with over 30 chapter leaders and activists to develop and implement campaigns and strategic plans to increase the scope of local LGBT activities, support and sponsorship in their communities. And I managed production of a manual to guide chapter leaders in participation in local LGBT Pride events.

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"Michael spearheaded a strong effort to utilize innovative technology as the tool to reach new heights of advocacy. His forward-thinking ideas were cutting edge and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to collaborating with him on future projects!"

Tyler Juel, Development Manager, Project Inform

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