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Editing Red PencilMedical Editing is about much more than simply eliminating errors from your complex medical writing. Medical editors make your medical writing more clear and precise. Editing the content for flow, clarity and usage, a medical editor will eliminate awkward phrasing and biased language that is audience inappropriate. Medical proofreading will ensure that your data, facts and scientific units are correct and used consistently.

Medical Proofreader

After spending weeks, even months, pouring over findings and data to produce a medical report or journal article, it is admittedly difficult to catch every single numerical transcription error or usage inconsistency. But we all know how important it is to have your publications perfected exactingly in the field of medical communications — medical research and procedures can depend on it. By submitting your work (and sources) for medical proofreading, you will confident that your work goes to print error free every time.

Article Submission Services

If you are submitting an article to a medical journal or readying your medical work for publication, there are those last steps that need finishing long after the writing and editing is complete – including formatting, bibliography and fact checking. In the ‘time-is-money’ game of medical communications, outsourcing these last steps will be a benefit  — you can be confident in the final quality of your work and move on to your next project! I have experience in helping to complete complex medical writing projects on time and with excellent results.

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Medical Editing Services

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