Mailbox: A Better Email App for Gmail on iPhone

Mailbox: A Better Email App for Gmail on iPhone

February 20th, 2013 // 5:30 am @

mailbox-app-iphone-600x320Mailbox is the newest third-party app for Gmail on iPhone. And, Mailbox promises to be the best. Forbes loves Mailbox so much, they are already speculating a buy out by Apple or Google.

Tempted by what I read online, I signed up for my reservation number about 3 weeks ago.  Like the Gmail launch, Mailbox is staggering new sign ups to make sure the app’s servers keep up with demand.

Last week, I finally received my golden ticket! I’ve used the Mailbox app all week, and it is really revolutionizing the way I organize Gmail on iPhone.

In the native Gmail application, efficiency tools are plentiful but often buried or hard to use. Mailbox streamlines existing Gmail productivity tools. It simplifies processes by assigning four destinations for emails from your Inbox: Archive, Trash, Later, and Lists.

To use Mailbox, swipe individual emails to the right or left (partly or all the way) to direct them out of the Inbox and into one of these four destinations.

The first two destinations are Archive and Trash:

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Think of the Archive the place where all your email goes when dealt with, like a filling cabinet for safe keeping and future use.  We all know how to use our trashcan in our Gmail, and Trash makes throwing away an email one simple long right swipe.

photo 3

photo 1















One assigns a designated time that Later emails reappear in the Inbox. Using this, you can use this to postpone replying to an email until necessary.

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Lists email are added to virtual To-Do-Lists for your future consumption, such as “To Buy,” “To Read,” as well as customizable lists.

The Mailbox App will add Later and List folders to your Gmail account, where you will be able to find these emails from a desktop.

Thanks to the awesome swipe features, I’ve actually been dealing with email messages as they come in, archiving some, marking other to tend to later, and deleting needless emails immediately! My Gmail inbox is so much better organized already!

Another feature I enjoy is Mailbox’s stacking of messages from a single conversation. It looks like a SMS, and after quickly finding the message, I can expand it with one tap. This makes scanning stacked conversations for specific emails very easy.

Of course, Mailbox is not perfect. Among it’s more obvious pitfalls, one can not can make drafts of emails, nor access Gmail saved drafts. However, the developers have confirmed via Twitter that they are working on this for a future update. Another limitation is the small size of the archive. Searching for emails from a few months ago may prove impossible.

With the ease Mailbox App has allowed in organizing my Gmail inbox, and all from my iPhone, I might happily replace Mail as my main mobile mail app…as soon as the developers make accessing drafts a reality.

There is still a long wait, so get a reservation number today to be able to check out Mailbox in the near future. Download Mailbox and secure your reservation number!

In related news….
While researching this article, I read about Mailstrom, a new program that promises to further simplify organizing inboxes —  through algorithms! I just received my reservation number for Mailstrom, only 11,919 before me in their system. Look for an update about Mailstrom in a few weeks!

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