LGBT Advocacy

LGBT AdvocateLGBT Advocacy is the pursuit of full, equal treatment and access in all aspects of society for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons. Recent contributions in communication, organizing and outreach have moved LGBT issues to the forefront of the discussion in America. And with this push, many positive changes have been made nationally on gay rights.

Gay Rights Advocacy

Federally, the struggle for full LGBT rights has made major progress under the Obama Administration — from the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to changes in hospital visitation rules. However, at the state level, conservative forces are rolling back basic intrinsic rights of LGBT citizens across America. Vulnerable LGBT people need the skills of seasoned LGBT advocates today more than ever to protect their rights.

LGBT Outreach

Many progressive groups are reaching out to the LGBT community in unique ways. From supporting local gay rights initiatives to working in coalition at a national level to affect change for LGBT people, organizations today more than ever need to communicate effectively to LGBT leaders and people. Working together, we can engage the LGBT community to join your cause, and make it that much stronger.

Are you working on advancing LGBT rights initiative, and need help with a campaign? Have important LGBT advocacy initiatives that need seasoned advocacy skills to come to fruition? Interested in bringing more LGBT support to your cause or organization membership? Contact me to work together! 

LGBT Advocacy Services

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"Michael is a bright, motivated, energetic individual who brought new ideas to Project Inform that have greatly improved our social media, communications, grassroots organizing, and outreach activities. Among his many achievements included planning and executing an extremely successful rally/press conference opposing cuts to the California AIDS Drug Assistance Program and building/maintaining our social media program."

Ryan Clary, Director of Public Policy, Project Inform

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