Health Advocacy

Health AdvocateHealth Advocacy promotes better health in our communities — building capacity to improve community health and advancing health policy initiatives for safe and affordable care.  Important health care issues need dedicated advocates who can educate the public and our elected officials to maximize the reach of health advocacy efforts.

Public Health Advocacy

From building diverse coalitions of lobbying partners to utilizing internet platforms to empower the public to pressure elected officials, public health advocacy can sway our elected officials on important issues of our health. With the Supreme Court’s upholding of national health care, the fight to implement health care reform properly begins. Health care reform must not ignore out the unique needs our most vulnerable citizens.

America needs strong health policy advocates today more than ever. I have worked in coalition on crucial health care reform initiatives and on HIV treatment and care health policy initiatives.

California Health Advocate

California has a complex system of federal, state, county and city health systems that share responsibility for providing public care to California citizens. California’s Medi-Cal is one of the most comprehensive state Medicaid systems in the nation. Such complex systems takes dedicated advocates with experience navigating California’s health care system.

Are you interested in partnering on a community health advocacy project in California or your home state? Or are you working on national level advocacy? Whatever the challenge, my expertise in health advocacy strategy and implementation will advance your critical initiatives swiftly and smoothly. Contact me for more information!

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"Michael spearheaded a strong effort to utilize innovative technology as the tool to reach new heights of advocacy. His forward-thinking ideas were cutting edge and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to collaborating with him on future projects!"

Tyler Juel, Development Manager, Project Inform

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