Grassroots Campaigns

GrassrootsGrassroots Campaigns are the perfect way to engage local audiences in your advocacy and policy initiatives. Locals singing the praise of your organization can do so much for your reputation. Motivating local audiences to organize and support your mission is a long-term strategy for success.

Grassroots Outreach

Grassroots Outreach brings issue advocacy to the most local level. By working with local actors in local settings to promote advocacy efforts, we have the best chance to mobilize supporters to impact and change people’s opinions.  Grassroots organizers have experience in organizing the previously unorganized – creating community groups from scratch and developing new leadership where none existed . Concerned citizens are brought together to act in the best interest of their communities and the greater common good.

Online Organizing

Internet activism connects grassroots outreach to the 21st century and the modes of communication that the public uses most today: web, video, social media and text messaging. Innovative e-activism has produced astounding results, and faster than ever thought possible. In one example, over 1,000,000 signatures were collected in one week on a petition to pressure officials over cutting abortion funding from Planned Parenthood. And there are many more example like that! Using the internet to propel your activism to the next level is a must for modern grassroots efforts.

Do you need to forge solid and exciting connections to your supporters and activist in the field? Do you need nationally coordinated local activism? I have experience strengthening local partnerships to expand national advocacy initiatives. Contact me for more information!

Grassroots Campaign Services

  • Identify and Enable with Local Activists
  • Capacity building Training
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Editorial Services
  • Implement Digital Communications
  • Grow Local Chapters of a National Organization

 Grassroots Campaign Projects


American Humanist Association LGBT Humanist Council Grassroots Organizing

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"Michael is a bright, motivated, energetic individual who brought new ideas to Project Inform that have greatly improved our social media, communications, grassroots organizing, and outreach activities. Among his many achievements included planning and executing an extremely successful rally/press conference opposing cuts to the California AIDS Drug Assistance Program and building/maintaining our social media program."

Ryan Clary, Director of Public Policy, Project Inform

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