Facebook Marketing

Marketing on FacebookCan Facebook actually bring you leads, customers and supporters? Yes! But it’s not the same cup of coffee as running your own business. Facebook Marketing requires clear and well devised social media strategy for engaging your audiences, posting interesting and marketable content and interacting with your fans.

Facebook Social Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, Facebook Marketing is uniquely directed at customers who are already paying attention to your brand — your Facebook Fans. We can understand the preferences of your Facebook Fans by watching how they interact with our content, learn what they like, and post content they are most likely to interact with.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads present some of the most affordable advertising rates on the internet. Facebook Ads also offer an amazing level of precise targeting for your advertisements — because of the vast amount of demographic information Facebook collects on it’s members. You can target ads to users interests on facebook, region they live in, age, education, and more.  Ads can direct people to your Facebook page, or a specific sub page within Facebook, such as a sweepstakes entry tab, or your outside webpage.

Are you interested in ramping up your presence on Facebook? Want to start marketing professionally on Facebook to get the most out of the platform? I have worked with many business and non profit clients to build customized Facebook Marketing Strategies. Contact me for more information!

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"Michael has provided excellent support for our nascent LGBT Humanist outreach project. Over the past year, Michael managed and significantly grew our social media presence and he also did solid outreach work with our local groups to encourage them to be part of our new project. I recommend Michael highly for any online or offline program development work."

Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director, American Humanist Association

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