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article submission servicesArticle Submission Services are a critical part of the scholarly writing process. If you are submitting a manuscript to a medical journal or readying your medical work for publication, there are those last steps that need to be finished long after writing and editing is completed — including formatting, bibliography creation and fact checking.

Fact Checker

Proofreading a medical article for submission requires fact checking the article’s data against its original sources. Though a time intensive process, this outside audit ensures that all the data is used correctly in your article, correctly informing your audience on important facts and figures.

Medical Editor

No one wants their piece to go to press with errors. But even with hundreds of hours of work into a project, some little details do get missed. Professional and efficient fact checking for your scholarly articles will put you, your team and your editors at ease. And in the “time-is-money” game of medical communications, outsourcing these final steps will be a benefit  — you can move on to your next project! I have experience medical editing in an article submission services capacity, and can ensure your project goes to press error free.

Are you readying a manuscript for submission to a peer reviewed journal ? Need one more pair of eyes to make sure your data and facts are all correct? I have experience fact checking medical  journal submissions. With my help, you won’t have to worry; your journal article will go to press error free! Contact me today!

Article Submission Services

  • Cross referencing sources to citations for 100% accuracy
  • Web and Print Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Style and Citation Formatting
  • Bibliography

Article Submission Experience

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