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Advocacy IconAdvocates speak up for others. Advocates fight for the most underserved and underrepresented groups in society. Effective advocacy advances initiatives to influence the political and economic spheres to alter social systems.

Utilizing web tools provides the most cost efficient entry into advocacy. With experience in political and grassroots organizing, online communications and planning political events, I help promote initiatives using the most innovative tools.

Health Advocacy

Health Advocacy promotes better health in our communities — building capacity to improve community health and advancing health policy initiatives for safe and affordable care. Important health care issues need dedicated champions who can educate the public and our elected officials to maximize the reach of health advocacy efforts. Learn More…

HIV Advocacy

HIV Advocacy aims for universal access to HIV prevention, care and treatment to finally end the spread of HIV — and put behind us the 30+ year tragedy of HIV/AIDS. Since the passage of the Ryan White Care Act (1990) and enactment of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), the US Government has made the commitment to give treatment to all those affected by HIV/AIDS. Learn More…

LGBT Advocacy

LGBT Advocacy is the pursuit for full and equal treatment and access in all aspects of society for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons. Recent contributions in communication, organizing and outreach have propelled LGBT issues to the forefront of  the discussion in America. Learn More…

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"Michael is a bright, motivated, energetic individual who brought new ideas to Project Inform that have greatly improved our social media, communications, grassroots organizing, and outreach activities. Among his many achievements included planning and executing an extremely successful rally/press conference opposing cuts to the California AIDS Drug Assistance Program and building/maintaining our social media program."

Ryan Clary, Director of Public Policy, Project Inform

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