A Policy Win Through Social Media

A Policy Win Through Social Media

January 1st, 2012 // 10:00 am @

When Project Inform needed to ensure the full funding of the California AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) in a short time, we worked together to get it done. We devised a multi-prong social media approach to pressure Governor Schwarzenegger’s office to fully ADAP, which provides HIV medication to low-income Californians.

But first, Project Inform needed a Facebook page and Twitter account. I built their social media presence from the ground up with a focus on advocacy and activism, and we used those strengthened networks towards their policy aims!

Using that social media strength, I organized and leveraged a media rally on the steps of the San Francisco city hall, a successful Change.org petition signed by over 1000 and a mobilized social media audience of over 1000.

And, most importantly to the long-term health of a nonprofit, those new social media audiences have returned as repeat advocacy customers — Project Inform can count on their future support.

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"Michael spearheaded a strong effort to utilize innovative technology as the tool to reach new heights of advocacy. His forward-thinking ideas were cutting edge and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to collaborating with him on future projects!"

Tyler Juel, Development Manager, Project Inform

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