Communications Services

Medical Communications

Medical Communications aims to express complex medical concepts in easily digestible ways. I offer medical writing, medical editing, article submission services and more.

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Social Media

Social Media is all about engaging your audience in unique ways. I offer of social media services, including management, marketing, training, promotions and Facebook marketing.

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Advocacy Communications

Advocates speak up for others. I offer a variety of advocacy services, specializing in the fields of HIV Advocacy, Health Advocacy and LBGT Advocacy.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great, ultra low-cost way to expand and follow through with your supporters. With 25%+ CTRs, I can communicate your campaigns to new and old supporters alike.

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"Michael is a bright, motivated, energetic individual who brought new ideas to Project Inform that have greatly improved our social media, communications, grassroots organizing, and outreach activities. Among his many achievements included planning and executing an extremely successful rally/press conference opposing cuts to the California AIDS Drug Assistance Program and building/maintaining our social media program."

Ryan Clary, Director of Public Policy, Project Inform

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